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South Burnett Garage Doors Services

Did you know that the garage door is the largest mechanical item in your home? Just like any piece of equipment, it needs to be maintained and serviced to ensure that it continues working smoothly. There is nothing more frustrating than a garage door that doesn’t open easily, continually groans or just doesn’t work the way it should. We are pleased to be able to send our experienced team to service and maintain your garage doors and openers, gates, shutters and more!

South Burnett Garage Doors not only services the Kingaroy area, but we also cover Miles and Chinchilla!

If your garage door hasn’t been serviced for a while (or ever), then call our office on 07 4162 5598 to arrange our team of skilled staff to service your door for you. We would love to hear from you!

Service Repairs Garage Doors

Regular servicing of your garage door and opener will ensure a safe, smooth, quiet operation time and time again.

Why do you need to service your garage door?

Garage doors are the largest moving object in your home and are often overlooked.

As you would service your car to ensure continued optimal performance, you should also service your garage door. Servicing ensures springs, tensioning and openers are operating as they should be, and helps to avoid potential problems with your door and opener in the long-term.

Your garage door has been built to last with reliability you can depend on. Regular servicing will ensure a safe, smooth, quiet operation time and time again.

To keep your door running well, it is recommended that doors are serviced every 12 months or earlier if required, and all garage door repairs should be carried out by a qualified service technician.
Do not attempt to repair your garage door!

Should the door become hard to operate or completely inoperative, contact us for a quick and affordable service or repair

Installation service

Our installation service comes with the peace and mind of being carried out by us as B&D Accredited Dealers. We are tested twice annually and are renowned for being experts on the B&D product range and installation